Office of Tribe Administration

The tribal concept was implemented at Beulah Grove Baptist Church by Dr. Sam Davis in 1996. It is based on the premise of “people helping people.”

Beulah Grove, like many other churches, can experience the trend of members “falling through the cracks” after they unite with the congregation. That means the members came, then they left and nobody knew why or where they went. The Tribal System is one way to care for souls and safeguard against that loss. The pastor may not be able to touch everyone who comes through the doors of the church; but there does exist the innate ability within lay ministry to reach each person who joins the congregation.

The Tribal Administrator’s responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring that support is in place to systematically monitor and track the progress of each member from the time they enter the doors of Beulah Grove until they relocate elsewhere or depart from this life.
  • Identifying and addressing personal needs such as financial, prayer, or emergencies (food, clothing, housing) in an expeditious and spiritual manner.
  • Being the primary point of contact for Beulah Grove members’ hospitalizations and bereavements.
  • Further introducing added members to Beulah Grove, including its ministries, services, projects and activities.
  • Serving as the information and referral component to answer questions for added members.
  • Serving as the Special Events Coordinator. This portion of the Tribal Administration handles all special events (i.e., wedding ceremonies, space rentals -- sanctuaries, classrooms, banquet hall) that persons may want to have at the church.

Please let me know if I can be of assistance to you. I may be reached at (706) 724-1086, ext 11 or by email at>

Min. Wendell Smith
Tribe Administrator
Beulah Grove Baptist Church



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