Mission: SHAPE


Goal: To educate, empower, and equip persons to maximize their potential by living out their created purpose in Christ

Alice Williams Junior Mission

  • To live an upright Christian life and practice God's teachings in our dealings with our fellow man
  • To dedicate our time and talent to the spreading of God's word to win souls to Christ

Beulah's Readers

  • To create, then nurture the appetite for knowledge through reading

Birth Month

  • To offer a God centered, spirit guided, holistic environment that will allow new, as well as existing members, to find their intended purpose through service in the Birth Month Ministry until such time as she/he is able to function independently in their spiritual gift
  • To assist all persons, members and non-members alike, spiritually and socially as they work toward fulfillment of their gift(s)

B.I. Vernon

  • To equip and aid children and youth in their journey through the exposure of educational enrichment incentives and opportunities

Black History

  • To provide historical facts about African Americans during7:45 am and 10:45 am Sunday worship serviceTo help the congregation increase their knowledge of African American trailblazers
  • Annual program 4th Sunday in February

Children's Church

  • To provide the tools, activities, and resources needed to assist children in developing spiritually, academically, economically, and socially

Division of Christian Education & Training

  • To evangelize, educate, empower, equip, and edify the capacity of Kingdom Citizens for the building of God’s Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven
  • To support and uphold the mission of Beulah Grove Baptist Church
  • Includes: Added Members Orientation, Bible Study, Spiritual Gifts Assessment, Sunday School

Added Members (Adult Division)

  • To help new members and new believers assimilate into the Beulah Grove Church environment
  • To help new members understand church protocol and worshipping in a good and orderly manner according to God’s word
  • Orientation every Sunday at 9:30 am

Added Members (Children's Division)

  • To provide clear insight to children ages 6 to 12 about the Christian faith
  • Orientation every Sunday at 9:30 am

Bible Study

  • To familiarize the church body with God’s Word

Spiritual Gifts Assessment

  • To connect people with their purpose
  • Assessment 4th Sunday at 9:30 am

Sunday School

  • To prepare and equip Christian believers with the knowledge and understanding of God's Word so that they are able to share with others

Royal Ambassadors

  • To supplement the training children receive at home by coordinating activities geared toward the spiritual, mental, and physical development of males
  • To emphasize the message of Christ and the goodness of sharing Him with others through their Christian walk
  • To demonstrate Christ’s love as He showed His to all


  • To help members hone their speaking and leadership skills in a no-pressure atmosphere


  • To guide youth to a greater understanding of Christ
  • To provide opportunities to express gifts and talents in church
  • To help youth understand true missions and giving
  • To develop Christian leaders
  • To provide opportunities for socializing
  • To teach youth about the African American heritage
  • Leadership Team meets 2nd Wednesday at 6 pm



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