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Rev. Xavier Creekmur



Pastor Xavier Creekmur is a native of Richmond, Virginia the only son of Robert and Rosemary Creekmur, who raised their son to trust God in all that he is and in all that he does. This led him after graduating High School, to join the military and after serving 3 years in the Air Force he switched branches of the military; seeking to be all he could be in the Army. He ascended through the ranks as an enlisted soldier becoming a Non-Commissioned Officer. Hearing the call of God and trusting His voice he answered the call to ministry. He completed undergraduate and Seminary studies while still serving his country and would go on to spend the latter years of his commitment as an Army Chaplain. He has also completed Clinical Pastoral Education Residency having served as a Hospital Chaplain and was employed for five years as a Hospice Chaplain. His myriad contexts of ministry were shifted when he was called to become the twenty-second pastor of Second African Baptist Church. Upon this call he would go on to retire from the United States Army in 2018 having served twenty-two years.


As pastor of Second African Reverend Creekmur was committed to caring for its members and encouraging them to come together in in unity to do ministry. He also stewarded the history of the church for the opportunities that it availed of witness for evangelism and to share its heritage with the many visitors from around who came and even worshipped with there. He also worked with area pastors and served as the Social Actions Chair for New Era State Convention which was a part of the Progressive National Baptist Convention. Also under his pastoral leadership the church reestablished its youth ministry, implemented online giving and new accounting programs, as well as a media presence which connected members both past and present.


After having served as pastor for Second African for three and a half years Reverend Creekmur accepted God’s call to return to Augusta, Georgia to become the next pastor of Beulah Grove Baptist Church. He and his wife Dr. Chaundra R. Creekmur a former professor at Savannah State University, have three children. Angel, who resides in Houston Texas and their two sons, Jaxson and Joshua. The family is honored and excited to be back! They are thankful to God for

what He is doing and will do through them in this season of their lives for His glory.

 Dr. Chaundra Creekmur


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Together, Rev. Creekmur and his wife Dr. Creekmur strive to make a positive impact not only to Beulah Grove Baptist Church, but to the community as a whole. 

Dr. Chaundra Creekmur, a native of Augusta, Georgia, is the oldest child and only daughter of her parents, Jonathan and Antoinette.  She accepted the Lord as her personal Savior at an early age while attending church with her grandfather, Deacon Arthur L. Murdaugh, at the Miley Church of God in Miley, South Carolina.


Upon entering high school, she decided to worship closer to home at Beulah Grove Baptist Church under the teaching of Dr. Sam Davis. She soon found a nurturing for her gift of song as an alto and soloist in the B.I. Vernon Young Adult Choir. As an adult, she continued in this manner by joining the Beulah Grove Inspirational Choir. She also worked with the Youth Ministry as the Youth Revival Coordinator and Membership Development (Youth Sessions) Organizer. Under the Department of Christian Education, she served as the Youth Curriculum Director, Teen Bible Study Instructor, and Teen Sunday School Alternate Instructor. When needed, she instructed teachers for adult, children, and youth classes on lesson plan development and alternative strategies for content delivery.


During her undergraduate years, she continued in ministry through music and worship arts while attending New Life Ministries (Valdosta, GA) where she was blessed to grow in faith and understanding under the teaching of Bishop Larry D. and Dr. Angela S. Manning.

Dr. Creekmur is known for her REAL persona as she walks in faith and truth. She believes in the power of encouraging others on the premise of God’s word.

~ Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. .~

(1 John 4:4 KJV)


Dr. Creekmur is an Army veteran; having served in the Georgia Army National Guard as well as U.S. Army. Thereafter, she returned home to serve as a Science Educator for the Richmond County School System in Georgia. She also ventured into authorship with the publication of her book entitled, Parental Involvement: Efforts of an Evolving School Community.


Most recently, she was an Assistant Professor on the faculty of Savannah State University where she functioned in the College of Education toward the preparation of future educators. Dr. Creekmur has earned degrees from Valdosta State University, Capella University, Augusta State University, and Liberty University.


Above all else, she is excited and in awe of what God has done in and through her life and is in deep anticipation of the work He shall continue to fulfill!

Dr. Chaundra Creekmur
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